What Is a Bachelor Party?

A bachelor party is also known as a stag weekend, stag do, stag night or stag party. It is a party which takes place for a man who is about to marry. This is to help him in celebrating the last night as a free man. A bachelor party has to be planned by a best man and he may be assisted by a planning company. Even if the party should feature only men, there are times when female like topless waitresses and strippers get invited.

The party starts as a party of gentlemen. It is a civilized evening of smoking, toasting to the health of the bride and drinking. However, some men may change things and they may have instead a raunchy night.

1. The right time

Some people may think that the right time of having this party is just the day before the wedding. However, this is not the right thing since the man will be nervous already because of the wedding and then a hangover will not appeal during the wedding. It can also stress out a bride knowing that her husband is moving around the city. The event should take place for at least a month before the wedding and the latest time has to be within a week. Invite all the people who should attend in three weeks so that they can work on their schedule.

2. Think again

As a best man, his responsibility is towards the groom so a bachelor party has also to be done in accordance of what the groom like. If you are a best man, you should not let drunk people drive home. Get a car service, a limo or design a driver to ensure that each one gets home safe. Make sure that there is enough money to take everyone to his home. You should be on the lookout of a groom. During the party, some people may decide to humiliate the groom by making him drunk, taking some photos that can be incriminating or shaving off the chest hair. Regardless if you want it or not, he will have to be on look out to let people know that they are going too far.

3. The cost has to be split among people who are attending but not the groom

The party can be anything you want it to be as far as you are ready to be creative and go out of the box.

4. Setting the limits

There are no rules or regulations about what can happen or cannot happen at a bachelor party. However, a groom still has a say in what will happen or not and he can set the limits of what should happen in his bachelor party.

5. Someone else to organize the party

A groom should not be involved in organizing the party. Even if he can take up laissez faire attitude, he should be aware of what it is being planned and who is going to be invited.
Make the party to be memorable and always have a camera with you.

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