What Services To Expect From The Escorts

If you want to get an escort, you can find them under different titles like escorts, strippers and body rubs. The critics do say that such advertisements are veiled over the prostitution and sometime it may be with children.

Companionship service

The platonic escort service does pup up after sometime in the classified ads or the Internet. However, people who are inside industry may say that they do stay in the business for few months. The term escort has become totally euphemistic and some people will not believe the agency even if they advertise as if they are not sexual. Besides, there is a handful of the true companionship service. Some are well established agency and they have escorts for the fetish activities for sensual massage. This does not fall into the legal definition of prostitution. There are a number of escorts who are exposed to an idea of trading sex to get money. However, few of them will consider themselves like prostitutes. The escort will offer the evening full of companionship and it can include sex, but prostitutes only sell sex.

Escorts do not advertise sex

The staffs of the escorts’ agency always deny that they work in the business to sell sex. They do charge the fee for connecting the client with the escort and what will happen, it will be between the consenting adults. Escort services maintain their deniability by getting only fixed payment and this will not be different regardless on the services offered by the escort. The escort do negotiate thing independently. The smart owners of the agencies, they will all hang up on the clients if they want to mention sex during booking process and this is to avoid problems during a police sting. This is why the escorts may also walk out when the clients start to talk too much about the sex before it takes place.

The owners of the escort agency also like pointing out that most encounters will not involve sex, even if an escort herself may have engaged into the prostitution before. The agencies say that men will hire escorts because of the business function, high school reunion or prom. In such cases, a client will want to impress colleague or friends with their girlfriend, but they are not looking to get sex. Some drug users also want to get escorts and they can accompany them when they become high.

High end prostitutes say that most of the time, the clients will be interested in the companionship and not sex. The wealthy clients will hire an escort through word of mouth referral but not through the agency. However, these who decide to engage into nonsexual affection, they will pay more for it.

What makes escorts and prostitutes different

When it comes to the prostitute, this is the person who will give sex to be exchanged by money. This is simple and plain. However, there are some sexual favors that will need to be offered and the prostitute needs to be given money to offer such service. A person has to pay for the services that are rendered and there is nothing more or even less. The prostitution agreement can be for a short period like an hour. They are not normally booked for one day at once.

The escort is someone different. She is being hired for a long period like some hours or days. The escort has to be presentable and attractive in the public. They can be used as date for an entertainment and function for the evening. The escort has to be paid because of their time and the company they offer. If there is sexual favor, it will not be included like a package. Escorts may offer cuddle and massage.

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