How to Give Her an Erotic Massage

Everyone wants to get the massage. It helps to stimulate the blood follow, it relaxes the mind and it is a natural painkiller while at the same time it makes someone to feel great. However, with erotic massage, then everything will get better.

Women like that their men can have slower hands and the erotic massage may put a grumpy and tired woman into ecstatic and quivering girl at once. When you have mastered the erotic massage technique, you will have your girlfriend begging for more.

The following are simple rules to follow if you want to give her something that she will remember:

Set the mood

A woman will not be happy if you give the erotic massage while sitting near the unwashed clothes, near bills or in full sunlight. Since you want everything to be sensual, then this is the idea you will have to base yourself on. Use dim light and put the candles near for a romantic touch. The candles may help in enhancing the mood and it gives a room a sexy scent. If you can, then use silky soft sheet. If you want to play the music, make sure that it is a relaxing music.

1. Do not rush things

When you start to rub, you may want to start squeezing breast or doing something else, but you have to stop this urge. Massaging art is about teasing and to cover the entire body. Since you want this to be erotic, then you should build everything slowly and let everything intensity so you and your partner can enjoy.

When you are sure that your partner has relaxed, then it is time to massage her and to make sure that she is completely happy. You can rub the arms and shoulder and then get deeper in the calf muscles. You have to knead when you reach at the lower back.

You can go slowly and enjoy how the skin of your partner feels under the hands. You may use heated oil and water based lube so that the hands may glide.

2. Use words

Get closer to her and then whisper some sexy words in the ear. Tell her how sexy she is and how you like to touch her skin. Ask her if she feels good and understand what she means.

3. Tease her to create the anticipation

Make the process fun and tease her while increasing the anticipation and touch her lightly but keeping this deliberate and slow. You can draw everything up and increase the pleasure between the two.

When you had taken enough time in setting the mood, then it is time to give her the massage and to continue teasing her. Depending on what she feels, then it will not take long for the things to reach to a new level. Erotic massage is fun and it is an effective way if you want to reach to sex. However, besides learning how to do the erotic massage, you have also to learn how to help her to reach orgasm or everything you did will be useless.

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