What Do People Do at Bachelor Parties?

The bachelor party is the time, which is dread by every bride to be. Brides had been told about parties that are full of booze and strippers.

If you want to know what really happens during these bachelor parties, then read on:

1. The friends are there to be happy and not only because of your fiancé

Men use your groom as just an excuse to be able to party and to have quality time. They want to be happy and to go back to the reckless behavior that brought them together in the first place. It is time to mock a groom and to show him what he is about to lose.

2. Full of booze

Men will drink as much as they can. The bachelor party is based on drinking, it is just as any other legitimate celebration, and anything that happens is a reason of celebrating.

3. Sex is not that much

Sex is a major component of the bachelor parties; however, it is all about the idea of sex but not the actual sex. Guys in relationship or these, who are married, stand aside to watch their counterparts trying to get girls. Single guys also try the men who are attached to see if they can do something that they should not do in normal circumstances. However, everything will not go beyond this.

4. Mess

While in college, men are able to eat trash and to drink cheap beers in 48 hours. This is what it is known as a weekend. Men try to revisit these wild nights and there is nothing that will stop them, in the end the results will be foul. In the morning, floors will be covered with many empty beer cans with bits from hot dog. The place will smell stale cigarettes, shame and gym socks

5. That guy

Most of the time, the men will be drunk and there is an idiot that may try taking everything too far. Each person may consider him as a baby, but he cannot be arrested. However, do not feel as if your man had been this guy. There may be also someone who gets hurt because of go-kart crash, arm wrestling match with belly flop contest. Some fights may break out without any reason. However, after everything, the men will come together and they will try to comfort one another without any reason at all.

6. Naked women

Do not expect that each bachelor party has also naked women. Sometime a groom may refuse to have the women during his party. The best man may also be broke, clueless, thoughtless and lame and end up not hiring the strippers. Sometime the naked women can grace the party but in the form of a movie.
If there will be naked women, you will be asking who they are. However, you should not assume that even if there are naked women, the party will always turn into sex party. Most grooms are too loyal to try to having sex with his friends around and they do not want to destroy their marriage before it even starts.

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