How Do You Become an Escort?

Working as an escort is not a taboo and many people accept it as a legitimate way of making money. If you are interested in becoming one of them, then you should learn what to do.

1 What you want to do?

This is the first question to ask yourself and it will dictate the outcome of everything else you will have to do. Some may think that escorting is the easiest way of making money. However, others join since they think that people will enjoy the time they spend with them. If you are contemplating to be an escort, remember that you will also be involved into sexual acts if the customer requests it.

2. Be ready

Know if you are ready of committing yourself to escort career. You will have to wait before you can start to make money, so you have to know that it is important to be committed for some time and do not worry if the money does not come right away. Even if you can start to make money sooner, it is not something to expect.

3. Sex work

Some agree that escorting is just prostitution but in a glamorized way. However, there is a difference in people who seek the service of a prostitute and service of escort. As an escort, you get a chance of meeting people from different places, you can travel with clients to high profile party or you will have to deal with people who come from different background. However, you have to know that your clients will be asking for sex since this is unofficial agreement in the industry. If you do not want to offer sex as part of your service, then the career in escorting is going to be limited since clients may refuse to book you again, will not be your reference to their friends and they will stay with you for some few hours. If having sex with clients is not a problem to you, then it is time to join.

4. Flexibility

When you become an escort, you are the one to decide on how many hours to work. You can develop a schedule and you can only offer the service to clients who are available during this period.

5. Friends and family

Escorting involves having sex with random clients so the family may not be ready to accept it. They will be worrying about the image you are creating and your safety.

6. Personality

Even if the service does involve sex, this does not mean that everyone is capable to offer it. You will need to have a better personality so that people can approach you.

7. The nature of your job

You can be an escort to earn some money. If this is what you want, then you can work in the industry as part time. This will be better if you are starting out since it gives you a chance of learning what it is really going on in the industry.

The last thing to consider before you become an escort is joining the industry under an agency or as independent.

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