What is Sexual Orientation?

Sexuality is something important when it comes to how people are as humans. Besides the way it helps with reproduction, it also contributes in the way we see ourselves and the way we interact with other people. Sexual orientation is the term that it is used when it comes to refer to the emotions of a person and her sexual attraction to people regardless if it is a female or a male.

Sexual orientation has been classified in three different categories:

  • Homosexual: people who are attracted to other people who have the same sex
  • Bisexual: people who can be in relationship with anyone regardless of the sex
  • Heterosexual: people who get attracted to people of their opposite sex.

Sexual orientation is based on the feeling of a person and he or she identifies herself. Sometime it is not that evident in the behavior and appearance of a Heterosexualperson. Some people are attracted to others from opposite or same sex, but they choose not to work on such feeling. The example is a bisexual who choose to have one partner of any gender. In this way, she or he chooses not to work on attraction to the other people.

Why people are bisexual or homosexual

Scientists believe that people choose sexual orientation based on environmental, biological and hormonal factors. This means that before someone chooses sexual orientation, there are different things that will play a role in it. These factors can be different from one person to another. Being bisexual or homosexual is not a result of how a child was raised or not or having an experience of a person of the same sex. Being bisexual or homosexual should not mean that a person is abnormal or that he is mentally ill. However, these people may have to deal with problems that result from misinformation and prejudicial attitudes.

How people become aware of the sexual orientation

For some people, the sexual orientation becomes more evident when they reach adolescence or early adulthood. Sometime these people may not be having any sexual experience. This is when someone will find himself or herself thinking about people of a certain sex.

It is possible for someone to change sexual orientation

Some experts say that people do not choose their sexual orientation so it is not easy to change it. People who are bisexual or homosexual can hide who they really are, so they live like heterosexual people.

Homosexual people may undergo a conversion therapy that counsel them so that they can eliminate sexual desires to the members of own sex. Most of the time, these therapies are given in connection with religious organizations.

For people who are struggling to learn about their sexuality, they can get help from different support group or organizations. They help these people to know the strategies to use in dealing with people and to avoid the prejudice that are related to homosexual with other damaging effects. The support group has psychologists, social workers, counselors and physician who have experience and knowledge needed in dealing with sexuality.

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